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Tutorial - Optical Illusion Letter E

What you need

A sheet of paper, a fineliner, a soft and a medium hard pencil, an eraser, a triangle ruler and a pair of scissors.

Step 1:

You draw a big, thick letter E on a sheet of paper. Paper quality and grammage are irrelevant here.

Step 2:

Now draw a 3D letter E by drawing oblique strokes to create a parallel E.

Your letter E should look like my E in the picture below.

Step 3:
Now add parallel lines with the fineliner. This works best if you use a triangle ruler and ensure the distance between the lines is 1 cm. The result is very accurate and the effect will be more beautiful.

Step 4:
Then connect the parallel lines - so to speak at the bottom of the page - with the already raised side of the E. Again with parallel lines.

Step 5:
Now draw parallel lines on the top of the E. But you have to be careful. The lines must be connected to the side of the E. As you can see, these lines already create a wonderful 3D effect.

Step 6:
Now draw a light shadow with the pencil on the side of the E towards the ground of the paper. This makes the letter visually stand out better.

Step 7:
The undersides of the E are now coloured in a soft grey.

Step 8:
After that, the undersides are coloured a little darker with the soft pencil, so you can create a greater shadow effect.

Before we use the scissors for the right optical Illusion effect, the figure should look like this.

Step 9:
Now it gets a little bit tricky: We cut out the E on two sides with the pair of scissors. I´ll show you a sequence of pictures for the exact cut. 

1. Along the longer bars of the letter E.

2. A Little bit further inwards to the center beam of the letter E.

3. About 1 cm away from the lower beam of the E.

Now your sheet of paper has been cut at one side.

As last step you cut off the top of the sheet.

Now it is done.

Now for the fun part: Find a great position to take pictures with the camera or your mobile phone.


Once you have seen the picture in 3D - this great optical illusion - you can hardly imagine that it was, and actually still is just a letter E on a sheet of paper.


I wish you a lot of fun,

Elke :-)

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